Pleased to meet you

Krista Jansen is a dancer and choreographer born, raised and based in New York City.

Her choreography has been performed at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, New York Live Arts, STUFFED at Judson Church, The FAB! Festival, The DancenOw RAW festival, the Harkness Dance Festival and Dance Theater Workshop.

In 2013, Krista joined with CJ Holm to form the dance company Jansen & Holm.  Jansen & Holm make dances that are imaginative, spacious, and humane.

Krista is also a teaching assistant to Ellen Robbins, whose modern dance classes for children ages 5-15 were Krista’s first experience in dance, choreography, and improvisation.

She was an original cast member and Assistant Rehearsal director for the critically acclaimed “Doug Elkins & Friends’ Fraulein Maria”, and for seven years performed and toured with that production around the United States and Canada.

Artistic Statement
My intention as a choreographer is to create work that interests me visually (exploring the geometry of the body, using my own trajectory, weight and shape) and emotionally (a movement or an image that suddenly references or resonates with a specific emotional note).  My ultimate goal is a piece with its own internal logic that is integrally honest and that will therefore allow me to viscerally bring the audience into something very personal.